Throughout the year, at  we have excellent promotions so that you can enjoy your favorite sports to the fullest, from the NFL, the MLB and the best international leagues for all tastes.

One of our most exciting promos is 4 en la red, where you have to make a prediction about the first player to score in each of the selected matches and win up to $250,000 pesos (Approx. 12,500 USD). Do you know who is one of our latest winners? Guillermo Sánchez from Monterrey!


Can you imagine winning this amount?

Well, that's how Memo's reaction was when he heard the tremendous news: “I didn't believe it, I've been at Betway since the beginning of August, my friend Edwin recommended it to me because it had very good promotions and odds. And we, apart from betting on football, we really like to bet on baseball and that was the plus of Betway that they have a lot of it "

Was the process complicated?

"At the beginning, I saw it and said right now I will fill it out, and when I started to send my proposals of the players is when I started to think about it in more detail and do it more conscientiously, but without starting to analyze each player exactly, this also has his touch of luck, that's how the story begins at Betway. "

How did you choose the 4 players?

“About the players, my friends told me there were players that I chose that were really unexpected, I don't know why I chose them, for example, from Liverpool the player Diogo Jota, my friends jokingly said, not even his mother thought he was going to score. " 

Since when have you been a Premier League fan?

“I love soccer, I have practiced it since I was a child, I follow all the important leagues in the world, especially the Premier I started to see it a lot more, due to the Manchester United where Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo played, in the beginning, this Manchester was the one that caught my attention, I liked the way they played and from there I started to see it a lot, and then with the arrival of Chicharito Hernández to United, well, much more. "


This was not all, we made a special delivery of the check to the winner of $250,000 pesos with a special guest, Luis García Postigo, who was in charge of putting emotion at the moment with his charisma and praise to our lucky Memo, in addition to accompanying us to dinner to celebrate.


Do you want to be the next winning strategist like Memo? Well, follow his advice: “I recommend that you participate in general in all promotions, I had bet in other casinos and there are not so many promotions and special promotions like this, with few requirements, it is not complicated to participate, and it does not take you long, it's worth it!"

Remember that through Betway social networks, our mails and on the site, you can learn more about the best promotions we have and have fun while supporting your favorite teams, perhaps in the next note, you can be our next winner!